College Classes

Through three different programs, Erie High School is able to offer numerous classes in which students may earn college credit.

CU Succeed Gold Program:

The CU Succeed Gold Program collaborates with Colorado high schools to offer high school students the opportunity to gain exposure to the college experience.  Students enroll in University of Colorado Denver courses, located at their high school, taught by qualified EHS teachers.  Teachers will provide more information on enrollment and registration when the classes begin in the fall.  All courses are taken for credit with a letter grade and appear on a CU Denver transcript.  The grades are weighted on 5.0 scale for the high school transcript.  Students are required to pay tuition for the CU credit – at a reduced rate.  This tuition is not reimbursed by SVVSD.  Students who choose the CU Succeed option will not take the AP exam.  The grades are weighted on 5.0 scale for the high school transcript.

Front Range Community College Concurrent Enrollment:

The Concurrent Enrollment program provides an opportunity for district high school juniors and seniors to earn both high school and college credit for college courses. St. Vrain will pay the tuition for up to two courses per semester.  Juniors or seniors may take Front Range Community College classes offered on Erie High’s campus or they make take other pre-approved classes at Front Range or CU-Boulder. Classes taken through CU are subject to higher tuition rates that are the responsibility of the student and will not fully be paid for. Students taking concurrent classes must follow strict district guidelines in order for their tuition to be paid for. Please see your counselor for more detailed information about this process.

Advanced Placement Program:

Students who enroll in these classes are asked to perform at a college level of depth of the subject matter.  There are strict guidelines for the courses which are set by the College Board.  At the conclusion of these courses, students take an AP test.  Students who perform well on these tests may be able to use the test as a way of skipping introductory classes in college.  The grades are weighted on 5.0 scale for the high school transcript.

  • AP Physics