Erie High School offers a wide variety of clubs and activities for our students to engage in outside of class.  Find "your people" and make your high school experience richer!
Sponsors/associated staff members are listed in [ ] brackets. * indicates a School Club (tied to curriculum), § indicates a Club with an associated class, and ४ indicates a Non-school Club

Sports Related

  • Baseball, Boys [Simmons]
  • 21 Club (leadership) [Carpenter]
  • Basketball Boys/Girls [Melin/Pfeifer]
  • Football [Cooper]
  • Cheer [Roth]
  • Cross Country Boys/ Girls [Havard]
  • Dance [Incorvaia]
  • FCA-Fellowship of Christian Athletes [Horner]४
  • Golf Boys/ Girls [Bird]
  • Lacrosse, Boys
  • Soccer Boys/ Girls
  • Softball, Girls [Simmons]
  • Swimming, Girls [Shipley]
  • Tennis Boys/Girls
  • Track & Field [Havard]
  • Volleyball, Girls [Creek]
  • Wrestling Boys/Girls

Arts Related

  • 5130 (Auditioned Jazz/Acapella Choir) [JBird]§
  • Art Club [Orellana] *
  • Choir Leadership Council [JBird] *
  • Concert Choir Mixed Choir) [JBird] §
  • Drama Club [Wright]*
  • Jazz Band [Carmichael]§
  • MAN Choir [JBird]§
  • Marching Band [Carmichael]§
  • String Orchestra [Carmichael]§
  • Symphonic Band [Carmichael]§
  • Thespian Troupe [Wright]*
  • Topaz (Auditioned Women's Choir) [JBird]§
  • Women's Ensemble [JBird]§

Interests Related

  • Erie Tiger Network (broadcasting) [BBird] §
  • Green Team Club (recycling) - [Mitchell] ४
  • GSA (inclusive culture)[Mosher] ४
  • GT Meet & Munch (Mondays during lunch) [Lee] *
  • Link Leaders/Link Crew (mentorship) [Williams] *
  • Math Honors Society/Mu Alpha Theta [Williams] *
  • Mock Trial Club
  • Model United Nations [Trinkner] *
  • National Honor Society [vonBernuth & Mitchell] *
  • Odyssey of the Mind (creativity) [Lee] *
  • Prom Committee/Junior Class [Williams] *
  • STEM Club *
  • Student Government [Rusk] §
  • Teens with Wings (philanthropic) ४
  • TGIF Club (Bible Club) ४
  • Tiger Times (online school news) [BBird] §
  • Tigers Who Care (diversity) [Mosher] ४
  • Tigers Who Code (computer programming) [Rasmussen] ४
  • Yearbook [BBird] §
  • Yoga Club (pending) *


Art Club meets after school each week from 2:30-3:30 on Wednesday or Thursday (listen to the announcements).

Some of Erie's brightest strategists turn their play into the work of developing their minds.

Erie's drama students are always on the lookout for opportunities to demonstrate their fine acting and theatrical skills.

These upper classman work with incoming freshmen and new students to mentor them and teach them about how to thrive as students and citizens at Erie High School.

Erie High School's National Honor Society is comprised of our best scholars who also display the best traits in their everyday lives.

This group works during the school year to design creative solutions to problems and develop their skills as an effective team.  Erie's Odyssey of the Mind Teams have represented EHS in t

Tigers Who Code is an after-school program offering 9th-12th grade girls an opportunity to learn more about technology and computer science in a fun atmosphere!  No experience is necessary.