Advanced Placement Biology

This course is designed to allow students a comprehensive study of each aspect of biology and to prepare students for the AP Biology examination in May. Students will be responsible for many laboratory investigations, some of which may require data gathering before or after school. Students will be responsible for independent research and papers. Lectures will highlight some of the tougher concepts, but time will necessitate that students be self-motivated, highly disciplined, and responsible for their own learning, as they will have to read and understand much of the text on their own. Summer work will be assigned to students in May. Emphasis is on preparation for the AP Exam.

Course Subject
Course Number
SC510A, 510B & 510C
Grade Level
Grades 11-12
Course Duration
This is a year long class. One class 1st semester and two classes 2nd semester.
Course Credit
1.5 credits
Biology/Biology Honors and Chemistry. Corequisite: Algebra 2
Course Fee