Spanish 1

This course is the introduction to Spanish as a second language and some of the culture of the Spanish-speaking world.  Students will start using the four basic language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking to learn the Spanish 1 curriculum. Grammar concepts include (but are not limited to): Present tense of -ar, -er and -ir verbs, present tense of tener and venir, stem-changing verbs, use of ser and estar, saber and conocer, indirect object pronouns, preterite tense of regular verbs, demonstrative adjectives and pronouns, reflexive verbs, indefinite and negative words, preterite of ser and ir.  The themes of this class are: Greetings and goodbyes, the classroom and school life, the family, pastimes, travel and vacations, clothing and shopping and daily routine. Note: This course is not intended for the native speaker.  All world language offerings are year-long courses and they are to be done in the same academic year. If a student has not earned a 70% or higher, we strongly recommend the student retake the previous semester.

Course Subject
Course Number
WL151A & B
Grade Level
Grades 9-12
Course Duration
2 semesters/ This is a year long class
Course Credit
1.0 credit
Course Fee