Spanish 3

Spanish 3 will continue teaching academic Spanish as a second language and introducing culture of the Spanish-speaking world.  Students will continue to use all language modalities: reading, writing, listening and speaking to learn the Spanish 2 curriculum and show proficiency. Grammar concepts include (but are not limited to): Continued comparison of preterite and imperfect verbs, continued exploration of the subjunctive mood, past participles, present perfect tense, the past subjunctive, the future tense, and the conditional tense. The themes of this class are: The environment, city life and money, and health and well-being,  the world of work, and arts and media. Note: All world language offerings are year-long courses and they are to be done in the same academic year.  If a student has not earned a 70% or higher, we strongly recommend the student retake the previous semester..

Course Subject
Course Number
WL153A & 153B
Grade Level
Grades 9-12
Course Duration
2 semesters/ This is a year long class
Course Credit
1.0 credit
Spanish 1 and 2
Course Fee