School Directory

Staffsort descending Department Email
Counseling, EHS Counseling
Adams, Chanel Support
Aguirre, Steven Personal Finance
Ailey, Ken Office
Anderson, Kristi Physical Education
Bird, Brandon General Elective, Media, Practical Arts
Borealis, Jacob Mathematics, Science
Bradfield, Jennifer Social Studies
Brown, Lindsey Health, Physical Education
Browning, Rachael Counseling
Brungardt, Scott Science
Buchler, Matt Administration
Burd, Thalia Music and Drama
Cabanillas, Jody World Languages
Campion, James Counseling
Carmichael, Doug Music and Drama
Carpenter, Justin Administration
Caywood, Catie Art
Coles, Garrett Art
Collard, Ally Science
Collaso, Driss Special Education
Congdon, Nickol Office
Cooper, Chad Administration
Cowley, Amber Office
Curtis, Tori English
Domenico, James Building Support
Dyck, Tamara Support
Fox, Lindsay Academy of Engineering & Aerospace , Mathematics
Frank, Genadine Science
Gentert, Kaitlyn Advanced Placement Capstone, Social Studies
Gibes, Kathy Mathematics
Goodrich, Elizabeth Special Education
Graff, Jordan Social Studies
Greves, Shelley Science
Hager, Amy Building Support
Hardin, Loretta Office
Havard, Brandon Health, Physical Education
Hicks, Matt Mathematics
Higgins, Pauline Family and Consumer Sciences
Illanes, Patricio Academy of Engineering & Aerospace , Computer Science, General Elective
Imboden, Maggie English
Irwin, Molly Office
Jensen, Tia Building Support
Karas, Nicole Mathematics
Kepler, Kim Mathematics
Kline, Chris Social Studies
Krupansky, Stephen Mathematics
Lathrop, Kevin Building Support
Laviolette, Ghyslyn Support
Lee, Beth Credit Recovery, English, Literacy
Leopold, Luke Counseling
Mandia, Nick Health, Physical Education
Mayer-Krause, Carrie Support
McClure, Casey Social Studies
McCracken, Matt Social Studies
McVicker, Sydney Support
Midyett, Erin Support
Miller, Quentin English
Miller, Dianne Building Support
Mitchell, Julie Science
Mitchell, Keri Counseling
Moore, Lilly Art
Mueller, Megan English
Munnelly, Laura English
Orellana, Renita Art
Osborn-Areeda, Allie English
Pacheco, Nathan Counseling
Peebles, Kimberly Administration
Peters, Darlene Library
Quandt, Marta Office
Rasmussen, Kelsey Academy of Engineering & Aerospace , Computer Science
Ripley, Michelle Support
Robinette, Randie Science
Romig, Matt Administration
Rupp, Jacob English
Rusk, Angelee Leadership, Social Studies
Russell, Liz Administration
Schuett, Timothy Academy of Engineering & Aerospace , Science
Senesac, Tanya Counseling
Sheng, Ju World Languages
Singh, Julie Library
Stanesa, Courtney Office
Stecina, Paul Administration
Sturgeon, Jeannine Mathematics
Sullivan, Lisa Building Support
Tapia, Leticia Registrar
Trinkner, Judy English
Uhl, Heidi Mathematics
Vair, Erin Mathematics
vonBernuth, Greta English, World Languages
Walker, Jack Science
Whelan, Tania World Languages
White, Eric Science
Williams, Anna Mathematics
Wilson, Benjamin English
Woo Ching, Ben Special Education
Wright, Scott Music and Drama
Zahn, Becca Counseling
Zwink, Catherine World Languages