Parking Lot Safety

New drivers and anxious parents are cause of increased attention to safety.

Notes to Parents About Drop-Off

We at Erie High School would like to thank parents for their patience during morning drop-offs.  We understand that traffic can be tricky in the mornings at EHS and we are constantly trying to improve the experience for our students and parents, especially with the addition of the new Soaring Heights PreK-8 next door.

***Important Update: Please pull as far forward as possible.  We extended our drop-off lane to allow more traffic to make it throug more quickly.  Please pull forward as far as the Commons before letting your student off.***

Teen Safe Driving Event

On June 24th there will be a teen safe driving event at Erie High School.

10/11/2014 Update


This is an update of what's happening around Erie High School for the community and all of the Erie High School family:

Mr. Buchler's Principal Update: Matt Buchler sent out a recent update for parents, students and the Erie community.  Read it here.