spirit days

Homecoming Spirit Days

In preparation for the Homecoming, EHS will have Spirit Days each day next week.  Students are asked to show their school spirit by dressing up for the following days.  Of course, the school's dress code for appropriate dress still applies at all times.

  • Monday: America Day
  • Tuesday: Tacky Tourist Day
  • Wednesday: Generation Day: 9th Grade - babies, 10th Grade - tweens, 11th Grade - parents, 12th Grade - senior citizens
  • Thursday: Hillbilly vs Hippy Day
  • Friday: Orange Out

Prom Spirit Days

Show your school spirit by dressing up each day for Prom Spirit Days!

Winter Spirit Days

Show your school spirit by dressing (school appropriately) each day next week in the style of each spirit day.

10/3/2015 Update

EHS Update,  10/3/2015

Snowball Dance, January 24th, 8 - 11pm

The annual Snowball Dance is being held on January 24th from 8 - 11pm this year in the Erie High School Main Gym.  This is a Sadie-Hawkins style dance so girls are supposed to ask boys.  The theme for this dance is from the Disney movie Frozen.

Tickets are $10 per person and may be purchased at the door.