Attendance Up During First Semester

Consistent attendance is a critical piece to help ensure student’s academic success. During the 1st semester, three out of four grade levels at EHS attended at rate greater than 95% with the other grade levels just a percentage behind. While this is a solid rate, we know we can improve it and every absence makes it harder to stay up with school work and earn good grades. In fact, Erie High School currently has over 70 students with perfect attendance so far this year!

During the month of January, we are hosting a 2nd semester awareness competition. This competition will be between grade levels starting on Jan 9th through Jan 27th. The objective is to get your classmates to class everyday on time. If your grade level has the highest attendance rate increase from their fall semester, EHS staff will provide your entire grade with morning donuts.  So get your “attendance on” and encourage your classmates to win the competition this month.  

Be Here, Be on Time, and Get Rewarded

To learn more about the importance of attendance, please click here.