Concurrent Enrollment Update

Juniors and Seniors:  If you plan on taking a college class in the spring 2019 semester (including just continuing with the class you are currently enrolled in) you must follow these steps to ensure that the class is approved for payment and that you are registered for the college credit. Please read and follow the directions on the Erie High Counseling Website, under “Concurrent Enrollment.”

Please note that the Concurrent Enrollment Form (found on the Counseling Website) must be filled out online, printed and turned in to Ms Pohlman by Oct. 19, 2018 in order for the school district to pay the tuition.

Please carefully read the concurrent enrollment information on the Counseling Website.  Front Range Community College and Erie High School both strongly recommend that students complete their own paperwork (instead of the parents). Students who take college classes are considered college students to FRCC and must be able to navigate their own way through the process. 

SENIORS: FRCC will be offering Public Speaking 115 this spring. This class can be used as one of your EHS English classes. The course description is below. There will also be a representative from FRCC at EHS on Tuesday, Oct 16 to answers any questions you may have about Public Speaking--or any FRCC class.


Public Speaking 115: Combines the basic theories of communication with public speech performance skills. Emphasis is on speech preparation, organization, support, audience analysis, and delivery. Prerequisite of 470 on the English section of the SAT. This class is for Seniors only and may be used for a .5 of the Senior English graduation requirement.

If you are currently taking a FRCC class, you do not need to apply again to FRCC. You are only required to fill out the CE form and then register for your class through your eWolf account. 

Students who have not previously (or currently) taking a FRCC class must first apply to Front Range. Please follow the directions for new college students on the counseling website. 

Students can register for classes at FRCC starting Oct. 22nd.  Ms Pohlman will send out a reminder but it is up to the student to register for the class through eWolf. 

Contact  Ms Pohlman if you have any questions.