From the Dean of Students - Don't Get Behind

Second semester provides an opportunity for students to start over.  Smart students will take advantage of that fact!

The smartest way to earn higher grades this semester than you did first semester is by staying on top of your assignments as they come up.  It is much more difficult to pull up a sagging grade than it is to keep your grade up without letting it drop in the first place.  So often, when I speak to students about their grades, they have the attitude that it's too late to do anything about their grade because we are too far into the semester for their efforts to yield any results.  For some, this is true.  But at this point in the semester, that's not true for ANYONE!

Stay on top of your assignments as they come about.  Don't procrastinate.  Get it done when it's due and you won't have a list of missing assignments that is too intimidating to begin.  To find missing assignments (assignments which may still be turned in for credit), access Infinite Campus and click on the menu option called Reports on the left of the screen.  The Missing Assignment Report will show you all of the assignments you may still turn in for credit.  Make it your goal for that list to be empty each week.  To help you, we send an email to your parents with this list of assignments each Monday.  A smart student would get those assignments turned in by the end of the week so that their parents won't get the Missing Assignments Email at all!

By keeping that list clear each week you will never find yourself so far behind that it feels fruitless to make any progress.  Another great strategy is to use the Infinite Campus mobile application on your phone or school iPad.  Set the notifications to let you know when an assignment has been marked missing.  That way the app will let you know if something has been marked missing so that you can take care of it right away.

If any of this is confusing or you need additional help, please feel free to stop by Mr Stecina's office in the Main Office for additional help.  We want to see you succeed this semester!