EHS Students Shine At Model UN

The Model UN program at Erie High School is only in its second year of existance but continues to roll as a force to be reckoned with including the two boys featured in this photo, Brady McCay and Christian Brooks.  As a partnership, they won the highest award ("Best Delegate") in their beginner security council on Saturday at the Boulder/Fairview MUN conference.  EHS represented Cote d'Ivoire, China, Kazakhstan, and Poland in four separate beginner councils at the conference.  Additionally, EHS had seven students competing at the intermediate level, representing Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mexico and Venezuela.  We also had two in advanced councils, and we won an award there as well.  EHS senior Lukas Pelling has found his place in the spotlight in the Model UN.  He has entered advanced councils for the last two conferences and won an award at each.  In the most recent event Lukas won "Outstanding Delegate" which is one step below "Best Delegate".
Brady and Christian represented Poland in a security council designed to address climate change as well as the alleged genocide by Myanmar government against the Rohingya minority ethnic group. To win the Best Delegate distinction, Christian and Brady had to show clear understanding of Poland's national policies in regards to these two issues.  In addition they had to speak persuasively, negotiate with others to produce consensus with the hope of reaching a resolution, and promote substantive, constructive and diplomatic discussion.   These two freshmen demonstrated true diplomacy despite their young age.  Their work makes our school proud!
Lukas Pelling competes with the best of the best in our region (Advanced councils) and has won an award in this very selective group both times he competed.  He was in a historical council - one based on a historical event. His was the Chinese Civil War Crisis (June 1946 - March 1950)  This is a role play council and Lukas was assigned the Soviet Minister of Defense, Rodion Malinovsky.   Lukas has a passion for history and loves the challenge of the MUN format.  Nevertheless, he is also a responsible member of the MUN community and has volunteered to be a presiding officer for our next conference in November.  He was trained at the intro to MUN conference at the start of the year.  
With just 15 active members last year, the Model UN program has grown to 25 students this year with a leadership team of five, two of whom are high flying sophomores, Mia Weber and Claire Watson.
Congratulations and GREAT WORK TIGERS!