Erie High Poets Win Contest

Mrs Trinkner encourages her students to enter writing contests and three EHS senior students won in the Manningham Trust Student Poetry Contest presented by Columbine Poets and the National Federation Of State Poetry Societies, Inc.  EHS' Lindsay Deaver took 1st Place in the contest for her poem Voyager 3.  Jaymeson Nelms claimed second prize for his poem I am From.  Olivia Stecina's poem Identity won an honorable mention in the contest.  Congratulations, Tigers! 
Mrs Trinkner also was named An Outstanding Colorado Educator!  The Outstanding Colorado Educator Award is presented to educators across the state of Colorado who have demonstrated a commitment to helping students achieve their higher education goals!


Voyager 3
by Lindsey Deaver
I am mankind
I am death, destruction, and all flavors of sorrow
I have cast my net of ignorance, carelessness, and judgment across cultures and continents 
And have laid ruin to the four corners of the Earth,
I am mankind
I build bridges and walls
Society, sovereignty, poverty, and apathy
Nations of terror, of sadness and chaos
States of generosity, inclusivity, and joy
I make rules that shape entire peoples
And write sacred texts that guide lives
War and Terror are my companions
Peace and Calm are elusive friends,
I am mankind
I emerged millennium ago with 14 other cousins
And yet I remain the last one standing,
For I am curiosity
I am language, art, music, storytelling, and culture
I am adventure and exploration of what’s beyond the horizon
I have the power of the pen, holding imagination and creation
I am constantly learning, feeling, and playing
Always thinking of a better tomorrow,
I am the child of a dark past and a bright future
Hosting a grey present
And I send this message to the stars
Hoping you’ll call back,
May you return the call and find me waiting
Or else gaze upon my planet and weep.