Erie High School Getting a Facelift

Construction of Erie High School's new wing and lyceum are set to begin.  There will be some adjustments to make during construction.  The first of these changes will be a traffic flow change during drop-off and pick-up times.  Keep an eye out for information on Monday so that we can make sure that traffic efficiently makes its way through the Erie High School campus.  The areas where work will take place have been fenced off and work will begin shortly as the progress of the new Erie Pre K-8 school continues to the north of the school.

Initially the effect of the construction will include the closure of the farthest north section of roadway used currently by teachers for access to parking.  The doors along the hallway between the Main Office and the Commons will not be accessible during construction.

Of course, as construction begins every effort will be made to ensure student safety and security.  We will be working closely with the construction company to eliminate the possibility of danger for our staff and students while keeping the risk of disruption to a minimum.  Additionally, construction will be taking place on the back side of the school as an additional two-story wing is constructed providing a mirror image to our existing C-Wing.  This wing will contain classrooms, staff workrooms and science rooms to house Erie's growing population.

All of this new construction would be impossible without the passage of the bond election last year.  Thank you, Erie community for your unending support of the schools in our town!  You can trust that we will make every effort to assure that your dollars are well-spent on taking Erie High School to the next level of academic success!

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