Erie Tiger Network Will Stream For Free This Year!

In the past Erie High School's Erie Tiger Network cost users the cost of a subscription which limited many folks' ability to watch games and events like concerts that they were unable to attend in person.  That's all in the past, now. is proud to announce that they are streaming live from their YouTube channel.  With over 100 events last year covered, the Erie Tiger Network also archives games and performances on their channel for viewing after-the-fact; something our student-athletes, musicians and choirs love to do!

No special equipment is needed to watch.  You can view these events on any device connected to the internet including phones, computers and SmartTVs.  

The ETN broadcasts are produced by a class offered by Brandon Bird, the play-by-play announcer on the stream.  Students operate cameras and the production equipment, conduct interviews, provide color commentary and put together interview spots in the class to use for broadcasts.