Jumpstart for PSAT & SAT Preparation

Students were given their answer sheets on Friday, September 21st for the 8/9 PSAT, PSAT and SAT practice tests we took on September 6th.  They keyed in their answers so that we can use that data to better inform our instruction and so that we can see how students performed on this practice test and compare it to the next practice test in February and finally on the actual test they take in April.

Students may use an app called Daily Practice (iTunes Store, Google Play) with their answer sheet to get information from College Board and Kahn Academy about their score (immediately) and their areas of strength and potential growth.

Kahn Academy provides sample questions and even instruction to students in the areas where they need the most help.  If you are interested in your child doing well on these important test, please take a look at this short video which details instructions on how to proceed. You will need to know that we practiced with PSAT #1 and SAT #5 on September 6th.

Students who employ this app to practice in the areas they are weakest will be able to watch their scores rise over time resulting in better opportunities for scholarships and college acceptance!  Research shows that as little as 20 hours of practice on Kahn Academy can result in an increase in the test score on average of 115 points!