Late Start Testing Practice

Erie High School likes to seek, receive and interpret data about the things we do to help prepare students for the educational challenges they face.

Regardless of people's opinions about standardized testing and the role it plays in our students' lives, we are required to test and the data that is created from those exams is helpful for students, parents and teachers.  We use this data to inform our instruction and to make corrections for areas that students show opportunities for growth.

After taking the Practice PSAT and Practice SAT we asked students to let us know what they thought about the experience.  The graphs in this article show us their perceptions.  It appears that taking these practice exams is well-received by the students as they recognize that practice will help them improve on the tests and be more comfortable in the standardized testing environment.  It also shows that students would prefer to take another test during the April 5th Late Start Day.

Erie High staff members are currently cranking away so that students will have useful information from their test results as soon as possible.  In the meantime, there are several ways for students to continue to practice, learn and improve their ability to take these high-stakes tests.  If you want more information, please contact Mr Stecina, the Dean of Students, at the school.