Local Realtor Donates Tickets to FACE Concert

Local realtor Kristel Acre with REMAX Nexus has agreed to purchase tickets for selected students on the Dean's List.  Kristel recognizes the connection between quality schools and better property values.  To honor their hard work Kristel Acre and REMAX Nexus have agreed to purchase 20 tickets for students on the Dean's List from semester one to attend the FACE concert on March 2nd for FREE!

As Erie High School continues to take academic excellence to the next level, interest in moving to our community increases - particularly with families which value education.  As the schools produce more educated workers, industry tends to move into those communities raising the property values for everyone...and the cycle continues.

Thank you to Kristel Acre and REMAX Nexus for their support of The Erie High School Education Foundation, the organization which is hosting the FACE concert!  Tickets are still available by clicking here.  Remember, this concert will also showcase Erie High School's Jazz Choir called 5130 as the opening act.  The concert is not to be missed and most importantly provides scholarship opportunities for Erie High School students, teachers and alumni.