March 1st PLC/Late Start Day

On March 1st Erie High School will have it's next PLC/Late Start Day for teachers to plan to create a better learning environment for students.  As usual buses will run approximately 2 1/2 hours later than usual in the morning.  When students arrive, we will be doing something a little different than what they've done so far this year on Late Start Days.  For starters, all students will have a one-hour lunch (a twenty-minute extension of the usual lunch period) to socialize and rest their minds.  We will also have drawings for prizes for students who are in attendance!


Starting at 10am Freshmen students will be preparing for their State mandated standardized testing, the CMAS test.  This test takes place entirely on a computer.  Each portion of the test is called a "section".  Students will take one section of the Math test for the class they are currently in and two sections of English.  The practice will both allow students to see the types of questions that will appear on the PARCC test as well as to refamiliarize them with the tools available for use on the computer during testing.  Freshmen will need to bring headphones, a pencil and a book to read when they finish working.


Starting at 10am Sophomores will be practicing for the PSAT with a paper version of the test.  This will allow students the opportunity to simulate testing in every way including time restrictions.  The results of their test will be available after a short time so they can see which areas are strengths and on which they need to continue to work prior to the actual test.  Sophomores will need to bring a pencil, a calculator and a book to read when they finish working.


Starting at 10am Juniors will be practicing for the SAT online using the test preparation tool provided by our district,  This will be a great way for students to practice with questions like those on the real SAT with the same time restrictions of the actual test.  Students will learn how to view their results instantly after testing to see their strengths and areas they need to develop. is an excellent resource in part due to the fact that students are told why their answers are incorrect and given an explanation of how to get the correct answer.  In this way, it's not just practice, it's actual test preparation.  Juniors will need to bring their iPad, headphones, a pencil and a book to read when they finish working.


Starting at 10am Seniors will spend their time initially in a very important class meeting pertaining to graduation and what comes next for them.  After the class meeting students will be given a choice from a list of sessions that will help them be prepared to venture away from Erie High School after graduation.  The sessions are geared toward successful finish the school year and managing their lives next year in a way that will best steer them toward excellence.  As a special treat for our soon-to-be graduates we would like to provide lunch here at the school for our Seniors.  We will be ordering in some great food for kids to enjoy during their one-hour lunch period.  After lunch they will choose a different session to attend from the list of four choices.  Seniors will need to bring their iPads and an appetite for free pizza.

Reminders will be sent out to students in each grade the night before so that they come prepared with the right tools on that day.  We look forward to a day of very productive test and post-secondary preparation!  Remember to be present to be eligible for prize drawings and make the most of this opportunity to practice for these important, State-mandated tests.