2017 Eclipse Safety and Parent Information

Eclipse Safety Checklist

It’s not the eclipse that is dangerous to observe, it’s the sun! The sun’s visible (and invisible) rays can cause serious damage to the sensitive tissues of the eyes, often without being immediately aware of it. Normally, our common sense protects us from looking directly at the sun for more than a second.

Beginning of the Year FAQs

We've tried to make sure everyone is in the know. Here's a place to find the answer to any questions you may have remaining.

Why Am I Getting This Email?

Some folks will get messages from Erie High School until the first day of school.

Attention Athletes and Their Parents

Don't miss these important updates from the Erie High School Athletics Department.

Erie Tiger Official Spirit Gear

Buy locally for official Erie Tiger Spirit Gear online purchases through August 20th!

2017 Back To School Event

Erie High School is planning an excellent Back to School Event this year with plenty of new things for families in our community.

Setup Your AppleID

Students need to know their AppleID (and password). Have them show you they can login successfully before school starts.

School Supplies at Erie High School

At high school, every student has a schedule unique to them and the courses they are taking.  Because of this, there is no way to provide a school supply list for all students.  Generally, teachers share any supplies needed for their class during the first class session.

Picture Day, August 8th, 2017

We call it Picture Day at Erie High School because it is the students' chance to have their yearbook/ID photo taken at the beginning of the year.  The next chance for getting this important photo taken is during Picture Retake Day on September 14th.  Any students who were unable to attend at Picture Day, or students whose photo is undesirable can get their photos taken on that day.

Stay in The Know

If you are concerned about staying informed, here are some ways to make sure you're in contact with EHS.