Performing Arts Student Scholarships Are a Little Different

Erie High School has students who excel at a variety of things.  Whether it's dance, theatre, art, film, sports, or academics EHS students depend on scholarships to help them pay for post-highschool education.  One student who recently followed this pathway successfully is EHS Senior, Jensen Wysocki.  You likely remember Jensen in one of the many roles she performed in school plays and musicals.  She starred as Morticia Addams in the Addams Family Musical last year.  Jensen is an extremely talented singer and actor and has shown her talents in EHS productions since she started here.  To earn a scholarship and be admitted to the school of her choice, she had to go through quite a process.
First of all, Jensen had to audition for colleges beyond just getting in academically. The audition process ranges from in person, to creating videos to send in. For each audition she typically had to sing two songs, dance and do a monologue. Only 10-20 students per year are accepted into the musical theater program at these schools from upwards of 1,000 of applicants.
Jensen was accepted both academically and audition-wise for many schools, but she had narrowed the list down to two (even though University of Providence gave her a full ride she didn't choose them because their BFA program is too new). The two schools she had narrowed it down to are Stephens College in Missouri (6th ranked musical theater program in the country) and Studio School in Los Angeles, California. Both are four year colleges where she will obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.
Stephens offered Jensen a $14,000 per year scholarship for a BFA in Musical Theater degree. Studio School in LA offered her a scholarship of $18,000 per year and a BFA degree in Contemporary Musical Theater and Film. Both of these scholarships cover nearly 50% of tuition.
Ultimately, Jensen and her parents decided after a visit to Los Angeles to choose the Studio School in LA.  Congratulations, Jensen, on this great accomplishment!