Practice Testing/Last Year's Growth

The PSAT and SAT are high-stakes test that occure in the Spring for every student enrolled in public school.  These tests, fortunately, are also used to grant acceptance to colleges and other post-secondary opportunities and importantly to qualify students for financial aid in the form of scholarships saving parents a lot of money!

In mid-August Erie High School administrators recieved the first "growth" data for our State-mandated standardized testing and Erie did great!  For clarification, students earn scores on these tests and the relative strength of those scores, as compared to other students like them across the country, is referred to as "achievement".  "Growth" is looking at how a student's scores on the test improve from one year to the next.

Here is a summary of Erie High School's Growth performance from the 2018 PSAT and SAT tests (you may download the report for a larger view):

As you can see, Erie High School students grew their scores well over the course of last year.  We think that providing students the opportunity to practice on these standardized tests, under typical testing conditions but with low-stakes impact, students have an opportunity to improve their scores and reduce anxiety about testing when it's time to take the actual tests in the Spring.

Erie High School gives all of our students two practice tests prior to the actual Spring assessments, the first of which is coming up on September 5th (a Late-Start Day).

Students will take a practice test from the College Board which is exactly like the real test they will take in the Spring.  Their scores are tabulated and students can find their areas of relative strength and areas which need further development using an account with College Board.

Students can attach their College Board account to Khan Academy which will show them how they did in the various areas tested.  Khan Academy will recommend videos to reteach key areas and provide them with additional practice in those areas.  Students can even use an app called Daily Practice to keep them on task to work as little as 20 minutes per day and increase their scores profoundly.

All of this gets underway on September 5th.  Students will come to school at the usual PLC/Late Start time of 10:05am.  They will then take a paper and pencil practice PSAT or SAT depending on their grade.  School lunch and dismissal are at the usual times as a regular Late Start Day.

We could use some volunteers!  With volunteers from the community to help proctor these tests we can allow our Core teachers to meet to strategize their instruction to further increase EHS' scores.  We will be requesting folks for a couple of hours to help get materials to testing rooms, and separately, people to volunteer during testing for the balance of the day.  If you are interested in volunteering for either of those roles, please click here.

Data we have collected since beginning this practice indicates that students feel better prepared for testing and their anxiety level is decreased for the actual test.  We look forward to helping you student perform better and be more relaxed for standardized testing with these practice sessions.