(P)SAT Prep During February 7th Late Start

Students and parents have told Erie High School that one of the biggest concerns around the high-stakes standardized testing required by the State of Colorado is test anxiety which is perfectly understandable.  Scores that students earn on the SAT in their Junior year translate into post-secondary opportunities.  Scoring high on the SAT may secure financing otherwise unavailable to students for a variety of post-high school plans.

After surveying students, we discovered that practicing these tests in conditions similar to the actual test helps them feel more comfortable, and research shows helps scores increase.  With that in mind Erie High provides two main practice opportunities to all students who will be tested: one in the fall and one in the spring.

On Wednesday, February 7th, 2018 students will take a practice test similar to the test they are required to take in April.  Students will report to school at the usual Late Start time of 10:05am but instead of having abbreviated classes, they will take their tests, eat lunch, and then enter their answers to find out how they did.

They will get their results immediately while getting feedback from Khan Academy on which areas they need to improve, video tutorials to help them and retesting options so they can track their progress.  Additionally, their performance as a grade will be available to the staff at Erie High to better help us plan our lessons to prepare students to do better on the test and read, write and do math better in whatever they do in their lives after high school.

Tests are setup in a testing environment just like they will have for the real test with the same time constraints and other less-tangible variables in a low-stakes situation.  This practice allows students to be more comfortable when the higher-stakes tests roll around in April.

We look forward to students having a helpful experience during the February Late Start Day!

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