School Supplies at Erie High School

At high school, every student has a schedule unique to them and the courses they are taking.  Because of this, there is no way to provide a school supply list for all students.  Generally, teachers share any supplies needed for their class during the first class session.  For the first day of school, just make sure your child has something to take notes with and their teachers will inform them of what they will need for the duration of the course.
Lockers will be assigned on the first day of school during Advisory.  Students will use the same bus passes as last year.  Students who are new to SVVSD may pick their bus pass up during Picture Day or from the Main Office once school starts.  Students will be allowed to ride the bus without a pass for the first few days.  Students who have lost their bus pass can contact the District Transportation Office at (303) 702-7530 or (303) 682-7253 or at
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