PLC/Late Start Days

The St. Vrain Valley School District has PLC/Late Start Days once per month throughout the school year (except for October and January).  These days allow teachers to meet in Professional Learning Communities to increase the academic rigor at Erie High School and improve teachers' Tier I Best Teaching Practices.  These meetings take place from 7:45 - 10:00am.

On these days, classes do not begin until 10:15 am and follow a modified schedule for the rest of the day.  CDC and Innovation Center classes are NOT held on these days. The schedule is as follows:

Parking Lot Safety

New drivers and anxious parents are cause of increased attention to safety.

SVVSD Code of Conduct

Each student needs to have read this important booklet of expectations and their parent needs to acknowledge they understand it.

Picture Retake Day, October 9th

If your ID picture is unsatisfactory for the photos you want to buy, you may have your photo retaken on October 9th.

Safety & Security Staff at EHS

Erie High School employs two full-time Erie police officers and two full-time campus supervisors.

Back To School Night, 2019

Increase your exposure to Erie High School and learn about our programs, staff and your child's teachers.

Performing Arts College Info Night

EHS is holding a night for those interested in pursuing performing arts in college and beyond.

After School Helpful Resources

Sometimes we need a little extra help to get to where we need to be. Here is where to find that help.

Social Studies Newsletter 9/16/2019

Social Studies Newsletter for 9/16/2019

Attention CDC Students!

We’re looking forward to another great year! Here is some information you may find useful in preparation for CDC classes.

CDC Class Times:

  • Morning Block 8:10 am - 10:58 am (EHS blocks A1/A2 or B5/B6)
  • Afternoon Block 11:32 am - 2:20 pm (EHS blocks A3/A4 or B7/B8)

Students with morning block CDC classes: