Notes to Parents About Drop-Off

We at Erie High School would like to thank parents for their patience during morning drop-offs.  We understand that traffic can be tricky in the mornings at EHS and we are constantly trying to improve the experience for our students and parents, especially with the addition of the new Soaring Heights PreK-8 next door.

***Important Update: Please pull as far forward as possible.  We extended our drop-off lane to allow more traffic to make it throug more quickly.  Please pull forward as far as the Commons before letting your student off.***

First Days of School at EHS

Freshmen & New Students

iPad Reminders

Here are some tips to make your year start out on the right foot with technology.

Need Community Service?

Now that the school is accessible, we could use some help!

Personal Information Review

Update your information in Infinite Campus. This must be completed annually.

Parking Permits at Erie High School

For our school's safety and security, everyone parked at Erie High School needs a parking permit.

Student Passwords

Last year students started managing their own passwords. Remember, though, that students must choose a new password after 365 days.

School Supplies at Erie High School

At high school, every student has a schedule unique to them and the courses they are taking.  Because of this, there is no way to provide a school supply list for all students.  Generally, teachers share any supplies needed for their class during the first class session.

Order Your Yearbook and Upload Senior Photos

Students can order their yearbooks at the lowest possible price of the school year by clicking here.

Seniors may upload their senior photos to the yearbook editors by clicking here.

Summer AP Homework