High Schools Launch Annual Fall Theater Performances

St. Vrain high school students across the district have spent countless hours during and after school in preparation for their school's fall theater production. Watch our students' showcase their talent and hard work. Performances are open to the public and community members are encouraged to attend.

Costume Guidelines

Erie High School encourages students to make good choices with their costumes.

New Wind Tunnel

Mrs. Fox's Aerospace class checking out the new wind tunnel donated by Jim Denly, former naval flight crew member, IBM engineering technician, and active local pilot and FAA certified aircraft and power plant mechanic.

A Charlie Brown Christmas Coming to the EHS Auditorium

This wonderful dinner theatre style show takes place in an intimate setting with limited seating. Don't miss it!

EHS Students Shine At Model UN

This program continues to gain momentum in its second year.

From Nest to Wings Conference

Moms and daughters have a unique opportunity on Monday, November 5th.

Spirit Days

Interested in Coming to Erie?

Here are some ways to communicate your interest to us so we can better support you.

Academic Eligibility and iPads

Students who have two or more Fs will have some restrictions placed on their iPads as of October 16th.

Concurrent Enrollment Update

If you're planning on taking a college course next semester, this information is essential for you to know.