Solar Eclipse at Erie High

Students will report to their 7th Block classes after lunch on Monday, August 21st, 2017.  All students will be given a pair of solar eclipse viewing glasses at this time.  Students will watch this video detailing the safety requirements for view the eclipse.  Other information from the District may be found here.

Next, there will be an announcement excusing students whose parents have not signed an eclipse permission form.  These students will report to the auditorium where they will watch a video feed of the eclipse.

Students who don't have a 7th Block and students with a Front Range class should report to the office.  You'll view the eclipse with the office staff.

At this time teachers will escort their classes to the front of the school.  Students have been instructed not to look at the sun unless they are wearing the eye protection provided.  The should not, however, wear the glasses until they are done walking because they are very dark.

At approximately 12 noon, students will return to their classes to complete 7th Block.

We hope that all students safely enjoy this memorable and historic natural event.