Student Government Elections

Election season is coming up at Erie High.  Student Government elections and the events leading up to the big vote are different at EHS than at most schools.  In an effort to make the annual process mean more to students and better represent elections in real life, EHS' AP Government teacher Kaitlyn Gentert had a great idea.  Her AP Gov class formed campaign committee teams for each of the candidates.

Those teams have to work within their campaign "budget" to market their candidate to the student body.  Any outside consultation or ad-time (audio on the morning announcements or videos displayed during the day by teachers) have to be accounted for in their budget.

Campaign teams seek consultation from students in Photojournalism, Mass Media, Computer Graphics and MultiMedia Design classes to create their print and video ads, many of which are of professional quality!

Debates are held in in front of the student body so that students know how their voting choice would do under the pressure of scrutiny from the other candidates.  These debates feature a moderator and full stage setup with microphones on each candidate.  Students from the Stage Tech class provide their services in setting up the debates and making the microphones, music and lights run smoothly.  The Debate is LiveStreamed on the web and archived for folks who aren't able to attend.

On election day officials from the Weld County Election office come out to the school with actual authentic voting booths and official ballots with the candidate choices from the school elections.  Students vote exactly the same way their parents vote in elections and the way they will soon after graduation.

Many students' lives are touched by this impactful learning experience which many used to think of as a glorified popularity contest.  All of this add up to an election season which students will likely remember for a lifetime.