Students Are Using Schoology

A group of teachers at Erie High School work together to better understand the virtues of Schoology in its use at EHS by students, parents and teachers.  Part of their process includes a recent survey where 300 students were sampled (almost a third of EHS students) for their thoughts about Schoology.

The results show that students find the practical use of Schoology very helpful for their studies in that they have the ability to clarify the expectations that their teacher has for them to do well in the class and when that work is due.

The survey shows that students know where to find the information that they need in Schoology which demonstrates to our staff that having a standardized work-flow that all teachers are supposed to follow is yielding dividends for students.

The study also shows that students don't know if their parents monitor Schoology and when asked, the vast majority of students don't think that their parents use Schoology to know what expectations their child has in their classes.  This is a great thing for parents to note: students don't think that their parents are aware of what homework they have.  Rather, parents tend to ask their child if they have homework and believe the response from their child.  If parents would validate their child's response with a quick check in Schoology, it may be possible for our school to see more homework being completed on-time, a huge contributor to low class grades.  If you don't feel competent at using Schoology, we now know that many of our students are experts and can demonstrate to you how to check what assignments are active and should be worked on.

Students also showed that they have taken assessments on their iPads through Schoology, one of the requests that was made of all faculty members by the school's administration for this school year.  Students also had an opportunity to discuss their favorite features as well as complaints about the system.  Most students complained about the app's stability which is something that the app's provider and our school district is constantly working to improve.

The details of the entire survey may be viewed by clicking here.  If you have suggestions or questions about using Schoology please feel free to contact the school and we'll find a resource to help you.