Students & Staff of the Month of November, 2105

The Erie High School Community has nominated and Student Government has picked the following students and staff members as Students & Staff of the Month of November, 2015:

9th Grade

  • Westley Cody is energetic and enjoyable to be around.  He enjoys class and is always positive.
  • Sarah Gotfredson is always polite, smiles at everyone in the hallway, pays attention in class and is a good student overall in school.

10th Grade

  • McKayla Daniels is always prepared, always contributes and always asks good questions.
  • Jacob Mansdorfer is good at football, very polite and is very respectful.

11th Grade

  • Gary Fischer is hard working, has an open mind and is fun to have in class.
  • Gretchen Riedel is always positive and supportive and strives to do her very best.

12th Grade

  • Colten Eichenger is amazingly supportive to his peers in class and brings new perspectives to the classroom and is irreplaceable.
  • Emma Guy is hard working and will do whatever is needed.  She is also a good student overall.


  • Matthew Whitteker always offers amazing help with not only Homecoming but our future dances.  His extremely positive attitude and his support of EHS is very appreciated.  Thanks for all that you do!  We couldn't do it without you!
  • Julie Mitchell helps our Freshmen acclimate to a high school environment and is a good influence to everyone.  She shows her beautiful smile, even on the hardest days.