Concurrent Enrollment Update

Interested in taking college classes next semester?

Career/Counseling Center

This new area was part of the school that was added during construction from the bond funds.

Math Department Update

This update is about getting familiar with your calculator to boost your (P)SAT score!

Erie High School Profile

If you're interested in showing someone you know what a great school you attend or if you want to know more about Erie High School. The information is in this document.

EHS Alum Speaks at the United Nations

Alumni Sam Elzinga presented before the United Nations recently.

Superintendent Update - Advancing the Future

It has been an outstanding start to the 2018-2019 academic year and I want to express my deep appreciation to our community for your continued partnership and support in advancing student achievement. In Colorado and across the United States, St. Vrain Valley Schools is leading the conversation on how to build a highly-successful public education system that is not only giving our students a strong competitive advantage for their future success, but also having a significant impact on the economic growth and overall health of our community.

Beacon of Innovation: Innovation Center InvenTeam Sets a Shining Example

Beacon of Innovation: St. Vrain's Innovation Center InvenTeam Sets a Shining Example 

Student Drop Off

We can correct an issue that is causing a traffic jam by following some simple suggestions.

Booster Club Moo Poo Classic Fundraiser

Help support Erie High School with this fun fundraiser!

Notes About Safety

Mr Buchler, our Principal, has three quick notes about safety at Erie High School.