EHS Choir Students at CU Honor Reading Choir

Last Friday, 10 students represented EHS at the 3rd annual CU Honor Reading Choir. CU invites different choral programs throughout the state to bring a quartet or octet of students who can read music well for a two day honor choir. We were able to bring 10 because some other schools didn't have enough students.  The students who were selected were Ali Hollis, Ashley Ping, Ava Bernard, Faith Chatten, Zachary Hyrup, Zachary Harbison, Matthew Kraus, Coleman Deuschle, and Kaely Harris, Emma Guy.  We wanted to share the videos with you because every year I am astounded at what they can accomplish in a day and a half of rehearsal. These students had never heard the music before, and didn't receive it until they arrived in Boulder Friday morning. They were able to perform the repertoire at a college level by Saturday afternoon. More can be viewed below: