Wind Ensemble (Concert Band)

Fine Art Elective.

Wind Ensemble is comprised of a select group of instrumental music students who thrive on the challenge of more difficult band music. The type of literature performed is designed for an ensemble of fewer than 50 players and focuses primarily on more contemporary music. An audition is required. This class takes place second semester only. Students can participate in symphonic band as well but students are not required to be in both classes. Students who participate in Wind Ensemble will be able to: Perform at a high level of competency as a soloist, section member, and ensemble member; Understand the concepts of ensemble and individual balance, blend, intonation, phrasing, dynamics, articulation, tone, rhythmic precision, color, and ensemble clarity, as well as their relationship to quality performance; Appreciate quality wind ensemble repertoire; Work creatively and collaboratively with others.

Course Subject
Course Number
MU104 B
Grade Level
Course Duration
1 semester
Course Credit
.5 credit
Participation in Wind Ensemble requires an audition where students play a prepared piece and some sight reading.
Course Fee