Open Enrollment FAQ


What is Open Enrollment?

Students who desire to attend a school or program outside of their designated attendance area may apply for Open Enrollment/Nonresidence authorization for the school or program of their choice. In order to apply, an Open Enrollment/Nonresident Application must be filled out.

Students who need to turn in an open enrollment application:

  • Erie Middle School open enrolled 8th graders
  • SVVSD students not in EHS attendance area (check your address here)
  • Students living outside of St. Vrain Valley School District

I live in your attendance area but do not attend Erie Middle School.  How do I enroll my student?

Please contact Mrs. Tapia, our Registrar, for details on enrolling your student at EHS.  If you’re coming from within SVVSD (i.e. Flagstaff Academy or any SVVSD charter schools), our Registrar will need to confirm residential & contact information and enroll you in Infinite Campus.  If you’re coming from outside SVVSD, you’ll need to complete online registration and turn in all required documentation before enrollment is complete.  Mrs. Tapia can be reached at (720) 494-3865 or via email at:

I currently have an open enrolled student attending EHS; will his/her sibling be accepted?

Open enrollment will be approved for a younger sibling if the older sibling will be enrolled at the school for at least one more year.  Parents DO need to turn in an open enrollment application for their younger child even if an older sibling is already attending.

What policies in SVVSD govern open enrollment?



Can I also open enroll at other high schools?

Yes.  Once your open enrollment has been accepted at a school, we do ask that you promptly let the other schools know of your acceptance so your application can be pulled off their list or your spot can be given to another student.


Erie High School Contact Information

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Matthew Buchler, Principal

Leticia Tapia, Registrar

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