Engineering Focus Program


Welcome to current or incoming students interested in enrolling in Introduction to Engineering! Be sure to visit the Erie High School Aerospace Website to learn more about that exciting program!

The Erie Academy of Engineering & Aerospace equips students  to pursue a career in an engineering and/or technology field where a national employment shortage exists and pay scales are among the highest for entry level professionals and technicians.  Through coursework students understand and apply engineering design processes, computer-aided design, aerospace concepts, and computer programming within a culture of collaboration.  Students apply science, math, and communication skills in fun, meaningful and novel ways.

In addition to coursework, students experience hands-on activities, field trips, external competitions, internship experiences and multiple interactions with professional engineers.  

All program courses are year-long practical arts electives, and students may enroll in a single engineering course or continue to take a four-year course sequence. In the 2017-18 school year students may earn University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) college credit for this coursework in Introduction to Engineering Design and Aerospace Engineering.


Introduction to Engineering Design (CS120A & B, 1 year)
Foundational Course - typically 9th or 10th grade

Students learn to use tools in the MakerSpace and build quantitative skills.  Topics include:

  • Design Process
  • Technical Sketching and Drawing
  • Measurement and Statistics
  • CAD Modeling Skills
  • Geometry of Design
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Design Team Challenges

AP® Computer Science Principles (CS510A & B, 1 year)Specialty Course - 10th, 11th or 12th grade

  • Creativity & Pair Programming Collaboration
  • Abstraction & Algorithms
  • Programming in Python and JavaScript
  • The Internet, Data and Information
  • Global Impact & Cybersecurity

Aerospace Engineering (CS122A & B, 1 year)
Specialty Course - 11th or 12th grade
This course propels students’ learning in the fundamentals of flight. Topics include:

  • Physics of flight
  • Modeling orbital mechanics using industry-standard software
  • Programming remotely operated VEX robotic systems 
  • Designing, building & testing rockets

Senior Design (CS123A&B, 1 year)
Capstone Course - 11th or 12th grade
Students synthesize their prior coursework and design thinking skills to develop a solution from start to finish.  Students also gain hands-on work experience in an internship or work study experience of some kind (to be determined). Topics and skills include:

  • Complete an authentic design process from beginning to end
  • Present in an external competition 

What People Are Saying

   "My internship experience at DigitalGlobe was really exciting, and helped me to understand what a career in Aerospace Engineering really looks like in the day-to-day,” (Taylor Johnson, Class of 2016).

  “The classes I have had the opportunity to take have prepared me for a higher level of education in the field I desire to pursue: biomedical engineering. The engineering academy has been beyond beneficial for my success as a future engineer,” (Kathryn Huonder, Class of 2018).

   “By joining the EHS engineering program, I feel that I am exploring a different part of who I am that I never would have imagined myself doing as a young child. I love getting to use math and science to be creative and make my ideas come to life. .... I feel much more prepared for my future after taking this class!” (Cassandra Mahakian, Class of 2020).


See our course description on the reverse for more details and feel free to contact Principal Matt Buchler ( or Assistant Principal Liz Russell ( or Instructors Kelsey Rasmussen ( or Lindsay Fox ( with questions.