Erie High School Education Foundation

Who is the EHS Education Foundation?

Our board of directors is made up of a very diverse group of students, staff, parents and community members. We consist of a banker, a lawyer, three students, school staff, local business owners and a district employee. All lay people have direct ties to the community or EHS by either by having children in school or that have graduated from EHS. Our three student board members serve for a one year term starting as juniors and end their service in January of senior year.

What is the Foundation's Purpose?  

“The EHS Education Foundation shall provide, acquire and or reward educational opportunities that directly impact students, staff and alumni of EHS.”

Great! But how will you do that?

The Foundation will raise the funding and arrange for dispersal of funds to pay for operating expenses, programs, grants, scholarships and other necessary expenses that will be needed to implement the Foundations course of action in which to accomplish it said plan and goals.

Cool! Who’s going to benefit though?

Students of course! That is what we are all about. Staff too, not just teachers. Ideas or needs that they may come up with, the Foundation may be able to assist with, anything that will enhance educational opportunities at EHS. Also alumni, not just graduates of EHS. There are students who may not have graduated that may need our help getting back into school or with other educational opportunities. Even existing college students. But most of all we will prepare our students throughout their high school career and plan a road map for their continuing education.

Plan? What kind of a plan? “GREAT EXPECTATIONS”.

“The Foundations plan, “Great Expectations”, is to make sure that all students at Erie High School have a post high school plan of further and continuing education early in their high school career.“ This plan, be it, College or University, trade school, military, internship or apprenticeship will be in place, with appropriate classes, for these students to achieve these goals.  The Foundation will pair up students with volunteer parents other than their own, who will help track and plan the student’s curriculum to get maximum educational benefit for the students desired career field or interests. The Foundation will put into action a “Mentors” program of local business professionals, owners, tradesmen and corporation professionals to assist the Foundation in helping select the recommended and appropriate academic route in which to guide these students as well as mentor these students along their way if thinking of following a particular career path.  The Foundation will attain the direct help and advice of colleges, university’s, trade schools and internship programs of what they require academically for entrance into the particular schools, programs or fields. As well as acting as part of our “Mentors” program.Now You’re Talking! I Want to Help, Can I Get Involved!It’s easy. Just fill out one of our volunteer forms and give it to one of our board members, hand it in at the front office or mail it in.

Donations! Do you take Donations?.................YES!

Are you kidding? Do High School students think adults are dumb? YES! And YES! We are constantly looking for ways to fund this exciting new organization. Your donation will go directly to funding scholarships, grants, operating expenses and helping our plan to enhance educational opportunities at EHS. Just fill out the form also on the back page and you are helping to impact EHS directly. We will even ear mark your donation to a specific item!Need forms? 

You can download forms directly from this website by clicking on the following links:

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