Parking Lot Safety

The best place for parents to pick up students at the end of the day is in the pick-up lane.  Waiting in the parking lot for your student will cause you to wait even longer while our students exit the parking lot.

Our school’s parking lot and pick-up/drop-off lane pose a potentially dangerous situation to our most precious resource: our children.

The combination of new drivers and anxious parents make it worth increasing your attention to safety in our parking lot and pick-up/drop-off areas. 

In the parking lot, students need to drive slowly and avoid backing up without being absolutely sure about their surroundings.  The parking lot is also a place for a no-nonsense attitude.  Horse-play and kidding around do not belong in the parking lot where students should be carefully exiting or entering the school.  Watch for pedestrians and other vehicles at all times.

In the pick-up/drop-off lane, please be patient and be alert for students crossing in front of traffic.  Be polite to other drivers and alternate lanes when it’s time to merge the two lanes together.  During the highest volume of traffic, an administrator may be directing traffic.  Please pay close attention to when you are being directed to stop or proceed.  We make every effort to move the maximum amount of traffic through the school’s exit at times when it’s safest.

The best solution to avoiding high traffic in our parking lot and pick-up/drop-off lane is leaving a little earlier in the morning and later in the afternoon.  Even a difference as small as five or ten minutes can make a night-and-day difference in the amount of traffic you will encounter.  The school is open as early as 7am for students.  Take advantage of this fact to save yourself frustration.

Thank you for paying attention to the safety of our students at all times so that we can avoid an accident.

Erie High School