Namesort ascending Subjects Email
Zwink, Catherine World Languages zwink_catherine@svvsd.org
Wright, Scott Music and Drama wright_scott@svvsd.org
Woo Ching, Ben Special Education wooching_benjamin@svvsd.org
Wilson, Benjamin English wilson_benjamin@svvsd.org
Williams, Anna Mathematics williams_anna@svvsd.org
White, Eric Science white_eric@svvsd.org
Whelan, Tania World Languages whelan_tania@svvsd.org
Walker, Jack Science walker_jack@svvsd.org
vonBernuth, Greta English, World Languages vonbernuth_greta@svvsd.org
Vair, Erin Mathematics vairgrilley_erin@svvsd.org
Trinkner, Judy English trinkner_judith@svvsd.org
Sturgeon, Jeannine Mathematics sturgeon_jeannine@svvsd.org
Sheng, Ju World Languages sheng_ju@svvsd.org
Sena, Emily World Languages sena_emily@svvsd.org
Schuett, Timothy Academy of Engineering & Aerospace , Science schuett_timothy@svvsd.org
Rusk, Angelee Leadership, Social Studies rusk_angelee@svvsd.org
Rupp, Jacob English rupp_jacob@svvsd.org
Robinette, Randie Science robinette_randie@svvsd.org
Rasmussen, Kelsey Academy of Engineering & Aerospace , Computer Science rasmussen_kelsey@svvsd.org
Pernas, Cara Health, Music and Drama pernas_cara@svvsd.org
Osborn-Areeda, Allie English osbornareeda_allison@svvsd.org
Orellana, Renita Art orellana_renita@svvsd.org
Munnelly, Laura English munnelly_laura@svvsd.org
Mueller, Megan English mueller_megan@svvsd.org
Moore, Lilly Art moore_lillian@svvsd.org
Mitchell, Julie Science mitchell_julie@svvsd.org
Miller, Quentin English miller_quentin@svvsd.org
McCracken, Matt Social Studies mccracken_matthew@svvsd.org
McClure, Casey Social Studies mcclure_casey@svvsd.org
May, Dillon Mathematics may_dillon@svvsd.org
Mandia, Nick Health, Physical Education mandia_nicholas@svvsd.org
Lee, Beth Credit Recovery, English, Gifted and Talented, Literacy lee_beth@svvsd.org
Krupansky, Stephen Mathematics krupansky_stephen@svvsd.org
Kline, Chris Social Studies kline_christopher@svvsd.org
Kepler, Kim Mathematics kepler_kimberly@svvsd.org
Karas, Nicole Mathematics karas_nicole@svvsd.org
Jones, Danielle Social Studies jones_danielle@svvsd.org
Imboden, Maggie English imboden_margaret@svvsd.org
Illanes, Patricio Academy of Engineering & Aerospace , Computer Science, General Elective Illanes_patricio@svvsd.org
Higgins, Pauline Family and Consumer Sciences higgins_pauline@svvsd.org
Hicks, Matt Mathematics hicks_matthew@svvsd.org
Havard, Brandon Health, Physical Education havard_brandon@svvsd.org
Greves, Shelley Science greves_shelley@svvsd.org
Graff, Jordan Social Studies graff_jordan@svvsd.org
Goodrich, Elizabeth Special Education goodrich_elizabeth@svvsd.org
Gibes, Kathy Mathematics gibes_katarzyna@svvsd.org
Gentert, Kaitlyn Advanced Placement Capstone, Social Studies gentert_kaitlyn@svvsd.org
Frank, Genadine Science frank_genadine@svvsd.org
Fox, Lindsay Academy of Engineering & Aerospace , Mathematics fox_lindsay@svvsd.org
Ferguson, Amanda Special Education ferguson_amanda@svvsd.org
Curtis, Tori English curtis_tori@svvsd.org
Cooper, Chad Health, Physical Education cooper_chad@svvsd.org
Collaso, Driss Special Education collaso_driss@svvsd.org
Collard, Ally Science collard_alexandra@svvsd.org
Caywood, Catie Art caywood_catie@svvsd.org
Carmichael, Doug Music and Drama Carmichael_Doug@svvsd.org
Cabanillas, Jody World Languages cabanillas_jody@svvsd.org
Burd, Thalia Music and Drama burd_thalia@svvsd.org
Brungardt, Scott Science brungardt_scott@svvsd.org
Brown, Lindsey Health, Physical Education brown_lindsey@svvsd.org
Bradfield, Jennifer Social Studies bradfield_jennifer@svvsd.org
Borealis, Jacob Mathematics, Science borealis_jacob@svvsd.org
Bird, Brandon General Elective, Media, Practical Arts bird_brandon@svvsd.org
Anderson, Kristi Physical Education anderson_kristi@svvsd.org
Aguirre, Steven Personal Finance aguirre_esteban@svvsd.org