May Family Connections Newsletter

In this month's issue of the Family Connections Newsletter, we introduce a new district tool for internet filtering, share resources for setting healthy limits for technology use at home, and share ideas for summer learning activities.

iPad Swap Update

  • LaunchEd and Virtual Students who haven't turned in their iPads yet: 

Mrs. O'Donnell is Leaving Black Rock Elementary

If you would like to take part in a special going away present for her, please click here.

June Summer Enrichment Seminar

Need to give your academics a boost?

Dress Code at EHS

Understand what is and is not appropriate dress at EHS according to SVVSD Board Policy.

How to Prepare for Senior Year

Finals for Semester 2, May, 2021

Finals week, like just about everything this year, will be a little different at the end of this semester.  Instead of the usual plan for finals we will not have a modified schedule Monday through Thursday of the last week of school.  Teachers will plan their final exam to be during one of the last four days of the school year and we will have a normal class schedule with four blocks each day.  Make sure that you know when your final is scheduled to occur.  Any student who has more than two finals in one day should contact the teacher about an alternative time to take t

EHS' First Boettcher Scholar Ever, AJ Juenemann

Congratulations to A.J. Juenemann, an Erie High senior who was named one of this year’s Boettcher Scholars. As one of 42 Colorado students receiving the $20,000 per year scholarship, Juenemann says he is grateful both for the opportunities and the community the scholarship offers.

iPad Refresh - Students Get New iPads!

This year, through a special opportunity from Apple, our students will be trading in their iPads for the latest version equipped with a special new case which contains a keyboard.  As you can imagine, exchanging these iPads will be a big task to carry out during the last month of school.  iPads for 9th and 10th graders at EHS will be swapping in their old iPad for a new one during their Study Hall class over the next two weeks May 3rd through May 13th.  Juniors will be swapping their iPads on Friday, May 7th