EHS Competing in Robotics!

Robotic masters of EHS!

EHS Senior on Good Morning America!

EHS Senior Jamis SChriner was on Good Morning America but he didn't know there was a surprise coming at the end of the segment...

EHS Alumni Awarded for Leadership!

Erie High School graduate of the Class of 2017 Elise Nguyen has been named the 2021 recipient of the Robley Rhine Student Leadership Award!
Elise Nguyen is currently double-majoring in Communication and Ethnic Studies and will be graduating in Spring 2022.

EHS Track & Field Gear

The Track and Field Spirit store is open if anyone is looking for some Erie gear.  We also have a store with some discounted shoes and other gear.

Booster Club Scholarships

Apply now for an EHS Booster Club Scholarship!

Update Your iPad's iOS

The students in SVVSD will be getting new iPads before the end of the year but the district is asking all of the iPads to have the iOS 14 running before students turn them in.  You are going to want to be ready when it's time to upgrade!  The new iPads are the latest version of the device with a new case that includes a keyboard!

Here's what you can do to make sure you get a new iPad before the end of the school year:

Student Government Election Results

Women in Law Day (WiLD)

Every year the Women's Law Caucus at Colorado Law invites high school and undergraduate students across Colorado to join us to learn about law school and the career opportunities available to aspiring lawyers.

EHS Concurrent Enrollment Meeting 2021-2022 School Year

This is a mandatory meeting for ALL students and parents/guardians of students who want to take a Front Range/Concurrent Enrollment course the 2021-2022 school year. This meeting will review the Concurrent Enrollment process, student expectations and responsibilities, as well as outline how to be a successful college student.

Normal EHS

StuGo has put together a short video that highlights what school looks like during a normal year.  Their goal was to show and remind all students how much fun Erie High School actually is and how much school spirit everyone has since many have not been here for a regular school year.  Hopefully it will help lift our school spirit and give students something to look forward to.