Seniors: Photos Needed

Each year, at the Senior Night of Reflection, we watch a slideshow which features each of our seniors in a picture from when they were very little (infant/toddler/young child) and their senior photo.  This is one of the most touching parts of the night each year as the audience sees an adorable child and tries to guess who it will grow up to be.

Mrs Singh is the person who makes the slideshow each year and she needs your photo to get the job done.  

Please send an email to Mrs Singh with the picture (no more than two, please) attached in .jpg format if possible.  The attached file should be named with your child’s name (ie. stecina-paul.jpg) so that the photos may easily be matched with the senior photos to be put in the slideshow.

These baby pictures need to be sent to Mrs Singh by February 1st. 

If your photo is not recieved you will be left out of this very special part of a very special night.

Erie High School