Academic Overview

Erie High School provides a rigorous, comprehensive high school education that also provides opportunities for students to enroll in our Academy of Engineering & Aerospace, the AP Capstone program, and much more.

Academic Highlights

  • Home to St. Vrain’s only Academy of Engineering and Aerospace
  • Erie High School offers the AP Capstone ™ diploma program
  • Erie High ranked in the top 20 percent of U.S. News & World Report’s 2020 profile of Best Public High Schools in America
  • Home to St. Vrain’s only Academy of Engineering and Aerospace, a four-year program with the option for students to pursue an engineering or aeronautics pathway
  • Erie High School offers College Board’s AP CapstoneTM Diploma program
  • Home of the Erie Tiger Network, a nationally recognized student broadcasting program which can be viewed at
  • Students can earn 65 hours of college credit by participating in these programs: 21 College Board Advanced Placement courses, nine Front Range Community College courses, and CU Succeed’s college credit program
  • Students have received state and national recognition, including Boettcher Scholarships, National Merit Scholarship finalists and matriculated to Dartmouth, Embry-Riddle, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Stanford, and other highly-selective universities and colleges
  • EHS boasts successful athletic and performing arts programs, including a nationally ranked girls softball team, 2019 4A CHSAA State Champions in Cheer, 2018 CHSAA Class 3A State Runners Up in football, and numerous recognitions in visual and performing arts
Erie High School