Students must maintain a strong academic standing in order to participate in athletics. These athletic eligibility standards are established by the Colorado High School Activities Association in conjunction with St. Vrain Valley Schools.

Erie High School follows the CHSAA Eligibility Plan A for general eligibility requirements.  This means that the student cannot be failing more than one class during any week of a sport season nor fail more than one class in any one semester.  Students also must always pass a minimum of 2.5 credits in order to be eligible for Skyline athletics.

Weekly Eligibility Instructions

Erie Student Athletes Eligibility Instructions

To maintain clarity and ensure all our student-athletes understand the eligibility process, please follow the instructions detailed below:

1. Stay Updated on Your Grades

Make sure you are regularly checking your grades and staying on top of your assignments. Your eligibility to participate in games depends on your academic performance.

2. Complete All Assigned Work

If you find you have any missing or incomplete assignments, ensure they are completed and submitted to the appropriate teacher before the eligibility report is generated on Thursdays.

3. Utilize the Grade Change Form for Grade Adjustments

If you’ve had a grade modified due to any circumstances:

  • Fill out a form detailing the update.
  • Once your teacher modifies your grade, return signed form to the athletic office

6. Submit Before the Deadline

Ensure you submit the form by the FRIDAY the week before you are deemed ineligible for games.

Important Notes:

  • Ineligibility will prevent you from participating in games for that week. Stay proactive about your grades to avoid ineligibility.
  • Always keep a personal copy or photo of any pink sheets for your records.
  • Communication is key. If you have concerns about your grades or eligibility, speak with your teacher, coach, or athletic department staff early on.

Thank you for your commitment to both academic and athletic excellence. Let’s work together to ensure every student-athlete has the opportunity to shine both in the classroom and on the field!

Erie High School