8th Grade Registration Night, January 30th 6-8pm

The purpose of the evening is to provide information on registering for courses that “Challenge EHS Students to be Remarkable! ” The evening will focus on course registration applicable to the highly competitive academic focus needed for college and career readiness.  Focus will also be on effective transition tactics for 8th graders to be successful in high school with presenting a balanced high school plan. We also focus on outstanding athletic, artistic and performing arts opportunities so it is important to build those into a successful schedule.  The evening provides an opportunity for parents and students to understand that Erie High School and its teachers and staff are committed to investing in them and their future. We seek to provide connections in careers and colleges related to the demanding STEM market, and a well-rounded high school experience.   Teachers and counselors will be available to ask specific questions pertaining to students’ interests and required course.

Afterward, the students and parents will register for courses for next year right there at the event. Don’t miss this opportunity!

Erie High School