Parents Can Buy Singing Valentines, Too

Next Monday-Wednesday parents can purchase a Singing Valentines for their student!  For those of you new to EHS, this is a tradition where students in Topaz & CR5 compose, transcribe and arrange an acapella pop song with a theme of love or friendship. Staff, parents, and the student body purchase these Singing Valentines which are delivered throughout the school day.  This year, Singing Valentine’s will be delivered on Wednesday, February 14th – a Day 2.*
All the proceeds from Singing Valentines sales will help us purchase music for our Pops Concert! The prices are $3 for a song & card, or $5 for a song, card, flower and candy. Parents can purchase Singing Valentines for their students in the main office from Marta Quandt, our attendance secretary Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only!! She will have the Valentines that you can write a message on and collect your money. Last year I saw some pretty awesome Parent Valentines – everything from notes of encouragement to anonymous I Love You messages 🙂  Thank you for supporting the choir department and for spreading some love to our student body! If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Bird at [email protected].


Erie High School