Why Donate to The EHS Education Foundation?

The Erie High School Education Foundation is the single largest scholarship source for graduates and alumni of Erie High School.  Last year the Foundation gave away over $50,000 to graduates and alumni to continue their education in the field of their choice.  These post-highshool educations range from tradesman-type jobs – where skilled professionals work with their hands for a living – to out future doctors, lawyers, teachers and technicians.  The EHS Ed Foundation isn’t only interested in the highest GPAs or class ranks for their scholarship recipients.  All students selected for scholarships have one thing in common: DRIVE.  We like to call them “uphill skiiers”.  These are the students who despite the challenges that may arise in their path to their future career, keep pushing forward toward success.  Again, these students come from all sorts of backgrounds and have chosen a variety of future careers from Automotive Service Technician to Nursing.

This is all only possible if the EHS Education Foundation has money rolling in to offer to these hard-driving future professionals.  That’s where you come in…

We offer a great way to support the Foundation each year: The FACE Concert.  This is a great way to donate to the EHS Ed Foundation because you not only get a tax deductible donation to the Foundation (a 501c3) but you get to enjoy a live performance from local vocal rock group turned international success, FACE.  Opening for FACE this year is 5130, Erie High School’s own Jazz Acapella vocal group.  This year we have something special planned.  Erie High School Choir students will take the stage WITH FACE to perform a song together!

If you are interested in seeing EHS students thrive after high school in their educational goals, you also may simply donate to the cause.  We’ve made it easy for you to donate.  Just read the QR code below or visit our donation page put in the amount of your donation and either your credit card or PayPal information and you will have made a tax-deductible donation to a very worthy organization in our community.

We want to see every seat filled for the FACE concert.  Not only because it’ll be that much more fun to watch but because that will represent donations that guarantee the Erie High School Education Foundation will be able to offer scholarships to Erie High graduates and alumni for this year and beyone.  Get your tickets or make a donation NOW and show your dedication to the most important resource in our community: the students.

or visit http://bit.ly/EHSdonate

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