Attention CDC Students!

We’re looking forward to another great year! Here is some information you may find useful in preparation for CDC classes.

CDC Class Times:

  • Morning Block 8:10 am – 10:58 am (EHS blocks A1/A2 or B5/B6)
  • Afternoon Block 11:32 am – 2:20 pm (EHS blocks A3/A4 or B7/B8)

Students with morning block CDC classes:

  • Need to take bus #219 that leaves EHS at 7:35am
  • Are responsible for packing their own sack lunch or eating on the way back to EHS for afternoon classes, as block 3/7 starts at 11:35am.

Students with afternoon block CDC classes:

  • Need to leave their block 3/7 class to catch bus #231 that leaves EHS at 11:05am.
  • Need to take bus #131 back to EHS if they take a bus home from EHS
  • Can take bus #127 back to EHS only if they have alternate transportation home.


To report a CDC absence, email or call (720) 494-3965 


CDC fees will be added to student accounts each semester.

Below, you’ll find the CDC Bus Schedule:

Erie High School