Safety & Security Staff at EHS

The St Vrain Valley School District holds school safety and security as its primary duty.  Our most precious resources are the people in the school buildings and Erie High School has increased its capacity to keep campus safe and secure at all times.

School security at Erie High starts with two full-time, armed police officers (School Resource Officers or SROs) who are in our school at all times.  These highly trained members of Erie’s finest are here to keep our campus safe as well as to help students who seek them out for a variety of reasons.  Officer Shannon Crow and Officer Branin Newman serve Erie High School by being in our school during the school day and at after-school events like athletic events and graduation.  The officers are also available to talk to students about future career opportunities as first responders.  We are fortunate to have these excellent officers at our school because of St Vrain Valley School District’s committment to have two police officers stationed at every high school, and one at each middle school in this expanding program.  This expansion of safety and security in our school district is matched by a similar expansion of the counseling services available to our school.  This year, Erie High School has five full-time counselors and a full-time Interventionist who specializes in caring for the socio-emotional needs of our students.

In addition to the Erie Police Officers at EHS, we have two full-time Campus Supervisors in Molly Irwin and Ken Ailey.  These two committed professionals are unarmed and serve as the school’s eyes and ears.  While they circulate inside and outside of our school campus they help students with a variety their concerns and check our facilities for safety.  Mrs Irwin and Mr Ailey are student-centered in their interactions around the school and are members of our community.  We are fortunate to have these dedicated and experienced professionals to help keep safety and security at the forefront of everything we do at Erie High School.  The best learning takes place when students are comfortable about the safety and security of schools and we work tirelessly to provide such an environment to our students and staff.

Erie High also has a Safety Committee made up of teachers, school staff, administrators, police officers and campus supervisors.  This team meets regularly to discuss and plan improvements to our school’s safety and works closely with security staff from our school district.

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