This week Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors received their PSAT or SAT score reports from last school year’s Official PSAT and SAT Testing Dates. Counselors, Administrators, and Advisors are working in concert to help students understand their score reports, reflect on their growth and achievement, and set a goal for continued growth this school year ahead of the next Official Testing Date in April of 2020. One way you can get involved now, is to ask your student about their score report and begin conversations about their score in relationship to their goals. is a great place to go to find resources that will help you understand the PSAT and the SAT. Here are two other resources you may find useful right now as you partner with us to help your student find continued growth on the PSAT or SAT.  

 We will be sharing more information with parents as we move towards our first PSAT practice test date for Freshmen and Sophomores on October 16th, including a unique opportunity for Juniors to take the Official PSAT/NMSQT on that same date. (Click to enlarge)

Erie High School